About Us

Since our establishment in 2002, we have forged strong relationships with over 300 investors. They share our belief in the huge opportunities that exist in growth markets and our desire to help build sustainable and vibrant businesses in countries across the world.

Global Growth, Global Investors

We have been entrusted to manage capital on behalf of some of the world’s most demanding institutions for more than a decade. Today, 35% of our investors come from the Middle East, 25% from Europe, 22% from North America, 7% from Asia, 7% from Africa and 4% from other markets. 

With our investors’ continued support, we will maintain our drive into new markets

Between them they represent all the main categories of international investors, ranging from large state-backed funds to influential multinational businesses and wealthy individuals. Corporates account for 8% of our investor base, with development finance institutions and international finance institutions representing 24%, family offices 17%, financial institutions 11% and high-net-worth individuals 9%. A further 16% are pension funds, with sovereign wealth funds accounting for 8% and hedge funds and fund of funds for 2%. 

With our investors’ continued support, we will maintain our drive into new markets and make the most of the opportunities that emerge in the future.

Managing Investor Relationships

We have a team dedicated to creating and maintaining corporate-wide business development opportunities across the Americas, EMEA and APAC.

Global Markets is responsible for investor relations and drives the Group’s engagement with the investor world and broader stakeholder community. Operating to the highest standards of transparency and governance, Global Markets provides detailed financial metrics and in-depth knowledge on our partner companies to investors.