From mega trends to deep dives, our experts share their insights on the trends that are shaping our markets, industries, sectors and businesses.

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Latin America: The forces at work for long-term growth

Latin America represents a compelling investment opportunity, buoyed by regional integration, a rising consumer class, and a continued focus on trade and industrialization. Abraaj Managing Director Alfredo Capote shares three key takeaways from WEF Latin America.

Abraaj Week 2017: 5 top takeaways

Shifting demographics, millennial power, and the rise of renewables – a broad range of powerful themes emerged from a week of discussion, debate and analysis at Abraaj Week 2017.

Partnership Capital: A Model for Growth Markets

In order for partnership capital to take root, a broad based and inclusive approach is imperative for its success. Abraaj Board Member Wendy Luhabe shares her perspective.

Mapping The Unbanked: A Pan Regional Market

Around the world, there are 2 billion ‘unbanked’ people: adults without an account with a financial institution or mobile money provider. Abraaj Managing Director Zahi El Khatib deconstructs the data to understand the investment opportunity.

Changing the Way We Eat: The Rise of ‘Clean Food’

In growth economies, ‘clean eating’ is acquiring increasing relevance as cities and markets evolve. Srisant Chitvaranund, Abraaj Managing Director, writes on the investment opportunity this creates for the food value chain.

How to Build a Multi-brand Restaurant Chain

We see a demand for ‘formal’ dining shoot up in growth markets. Abraaj Managing Director Hector Martinez explains how ‘the way the world eats is changing’and what this means for businesses.

The Doctor in Your Pocket: A New Form of Care

In the healthcare sector, there are both new challenges and new opportunities. Khawar Mann, Abraaj Managing Director, shares his perspectives on how a focus on innovation can greatly impact healthcare outcomes in growth markets.

Phones and Fashion: Online Shopping in Growth Markets

The e-commerce story in our markets is only just beginning. Abraaj Managing Director Omar Syed shares his perspective on how companies can navigate rapidly evolving trends and stay ahead in this competitive sector.

The Fight For The Final Mile: Growth Market Perspectives

The name suggests something small and easy to achieve: the final mile. Of course, in reality, it is anything but small, and certainly not easy. As e-commerce continues its exponential growth, the final mile is at the center of a highly competitive business revolution.

Working Women and Eating Habits: Changing Patterns

Women who have entered the global workforce over the past decades have had a profound effect on the economy, the family, and society. In addition to increased global GDP, there has been a less well documented effect: the impact on our eating habits.

Leveraging ESG is Good for Business and for Health

Public health and development may find an unexpected ally in the financial sector. Co-authored by Abraaj Healthcare Impact Committee member Derek Yach, this op-ed explains why ESG investing is “inevitable and just good business.”

Opinion: Wanted — a new mindset for CEOs

Our world today is fragile rather than resilient and inequalities are growing. Abraaj Managing Director Frederic Sicre explains the mindset shift needed for private capital to create long-term sustainable returns.

Q&A with #AGAP17 Curator, Omar Berrada

Art Dubai spoke to Omar Berrada, curator of the 2017 Abraaj Group Art Prize, who shared his thoughts on the value of the Prize, the importance of touring art, and the the process of selecting a winning proposal.

In Conversation with Rana Begum

Artist Rana Begum gives an overview of her artistic practice, and reveals her personal aspirations for the Abraaj Group Art Prize 2017. Begum’s ambitious new commission will be unveiled to the public at Art Dubai on 15 March 2017.

Fostering Innovation through Partnership

Abraaj Managing Director Frederic Sicre explores the democratization of access to healthcare through innovation, and explains why human capital and efficient systems play key roles in driving change.

The Long Game Is The Right Game

In this op-ed, Abraaj Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi writes that commitment to ‘Rising Asia’ requires us to focus on the fundamentals and invest patient capital that will be critical to the continued prosperity of the region.

Why Your Company Needs a Foreign Policy

Abraaj Board Member John Chipman writes in Harvard Business Review on the need for a corporate foreign policy. In an environment where geopolitics is seen as the number one threat, businesses need to understand and invest in this new reality.

A Changing Healthcare Paradigm

Abraaj’s Managing Director Khawar Mann writes on ‘A Changing Healthcare Paradigm’ for Global Entrepreneurship Summit, highlighting the healthcare opportunity in growth markets and the private sector’s role in building sustainable health systems.

In Conversation with Nadia Kaabi-Linke

After winning the Abraaj Group Art Prize in 2011, Nadia Kaabi-Linke has gone on to have solo shows globally. In an interview with Art Dubai, Kaabi-Linke spoke about the exhibition, and what the last five years have been like for her since winning the Prize in 2011.

Partnership Capital Can Solve Global Challenges

Abraaj CEO Arif Naqvi argues that in order to solve development challenges, an approach that is solely focused on the reliance of foreign aid cannot be the solution: rather, a partnership approach that is driven by the private sector will be a far more compelling answer.

Managing Private Equity Currency Risk in Growth Markets

Abraaj Partner Tom Speechley highlights the importance of differentiating currency level risk at the Fund and partner company level. Seasoned investors must have strong systems and processes in place to manage risk, including by structuring a diversified investment portfolio.

Supporting the SDGs: Arif Naqvi signs Businessworthy pledge

At the 2016 Business for Peace Summit,2013 Oslo Business for Peace Honouree Arif Naqvi, and 2015 Oslo Business for Peace Honouree Paul Polman, along with other business leaders signed a businessworthy pledge to commit towards accelerating the Global Goals.

AGAP Winners Exhibit at the Guggenheim Museum, New York

Nadia Kaabi-Linke’s ‘Flying Carpets’ installation, commissioned for 2011 Abraaj Group Art Prize, is to become part of the Guggenheim New York permanent collection. Other featured AGAP winners include Kader Attia, Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige, Iman Issa and Abbas Akhavan.

The impact of Asia’s connected population

The Asian digital revolution has begun in earnest. It is transforming markets and profoundly altering the rules of the game for many industries. What implications will this have for growth market investors?

‘Glocal’ insights and the Digital Economy

Smart investment hinges on highly local knowledge and access. Abraaj Managing Director Ovais Naqvi illustrates the importance of local presence and extensive on-the-ground capabilities.

Energy prices, future outlook, and impact on growth markets

In this panel discussion at Abraaj Week, leading analysts and economists discussed the outlook for fossil fuels and renewables.

State of the Growth Markets Consumer

A challenging global economy was the picture that emerged from a lively discussion on the state of the consumer sector in growth markets.

The changes in healthcare needs in growth markets

Health systems in growth markets are presented with an array of health problems usually associated with the western world. Abraaj’s Khawar Mann writes.

Understanding the consumer boom in Asia

As Asia goes online it is changing the face of commerce in the region. Abraaj’s Alvin Hew highlights what savvy investors should be considering.

Top 5 threats to public health in growth economies

Growth markets are a source of prosperity, innovation and change – but many of these rapidly developing economies are still vulnerable to aggressive public health threats.

Shaping a Clean Energy Future for All: The Investment Opportunity

Demand for reliable electricity is set to rise significantly in growth markets. Managing Partner Sev Vettivetpillai shares his thoughts on challenges and opportunities.

The future of healthcare in growth markets

The demand for healthcare in growth markets is soaring and it will take a revolution in the way it is delivered. Abraaj Managing Director Khawar Mann explores.

The digital economy opportunity in growth markets

The digital economy is growing at an unprecedented rate. Abraaj Managing Director Ovais Naqvi shares his perspectives on this new revolution.

Financial Models and Global Health Security

Today, we are witnessing a fundamental transformation in global growth markets, created by profound demographic and urbanization trends. Abraaj Managing Director Khawar Mann reflects on the unique healthcare opportunity in growth markets.

A commitment to inclusive growth

Abraaj’s approach to inclusivity and sustainability has always been governed by a simple principle: the integration of ESG considerations into our investment management process. Here’s why.

Why Africa is a continent on the move

The last 25 years have witnessed growth at a remarkable rate across Africa – with GDP running at three percentage points higher than global GDP. Abraaj Partner Jacob Kholi writes on the long-term view in Africa.

Why the world needs cultural entrepreneurs

Identifying and nurturing talent is at the heart of Abraaj’s business activity. Abraaj Director Shireen Dajani shares her thoughts on cultural entrepreneurship.

The Consumer Outlook in Growth Markets

There is often a temptation to oversimplify when it comes to consumer outlook. Sarah Boumphrey, Euromonitor, disaggregates the data.

Renewable energy: A case for change

What do growth economies need to build and implement sustainable clean energy networks? Abraaj Managing Director Murtaza Hussain shares his perspectives.

Art Dubai: 10 Years and Going Strong

Antonia Carver, Former Director of Art Dubai, looks back on 10 exciting years for the Fair and reflects on the impact it has made on the region’s thriving art scene.

In growth markets, it’s about cities

While regional and country level indicators provide an important framework for analyzing investment opportunities in growth markets, we believe that cities represent the most relevant geographic unit of analysis. Abraaj Partner Tom Speechley explains.

Which cities will be the world’s biggest in 2025?

With over half of the world’s population now living in urban areas, many cities are growing at a faster rate than ever before. We track the biggest cities by 2025.

Responsible Investing in Growth Markets

In growth markets, seeing eye-to-eye on defining “impact” matters a lot less than the simple truth that responsible investing boils down to common sense. Tom Speechley writes in Pensions and Investments.

Arif Naqvi writes in Expansion on Unlocking Mexico’s Potential

Private equity will help foster an entrepreneurial environment across the Pacific Alliance. Abraaj Founder and Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi writes in Expansion.

Arif Naqvi writes in Institutional Investor on thinking outside the BRIC

If one word sums up the growing realization that one size does not fit all emerging markets, it’s this: “Crimea.” Abraaj Founder and Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi shares his perspective on the investment opportunities outside the BRIC.

Arif Naqvi writes in the Financial Times on the growth of cities

Cities, not countries, are the key to tomorrow’s economies. Urbanization is here to stay, and it is a path we have not travelled before, writes Abraaj Founder and Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi

Huffington Post: Investing in a Reshaping World

World leaders are convening at Davos this year to discuss the forces reshaping the world around us. Whatever else happens, the 21st century will be remembered for the rise of markets across Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Turkey.

Sev Vettivetpillai Writes on Sustainable Capitalism in the International New York Times

Great businesses are responsible by their very nature. Moreover, for them, there is no binary choice between making profits and having a positive impact by serving society. Abraaj’s Sev Vettivetpillai explains.

Investing in Democracy: The Private Sector’s Role.

The revolutions that have taken place and continue to take place in the Arab region can be viewed as a caution to the world that systems lacking accountability, transparency and social justice are losing ground.