Industry leaders share their views on themes central to growth markets.

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Abraaj Week 2017: Setting the Scene

Arif Naqvi, Founder and Group Chief Executive, The Abraaj Group, speaks on the consumer dynamics driving global growth, and the role of partnership capital to support the development of new social and economic models.

Abraaj Week 2017 Highlights

Abraaj Week 2017 welcomed over 500 guests who came together with the common goal of sharing knowledge, and forging new, and renewing old, partnerships. Watch the highlights video here.

Managing in an Unpredictable World

Howard Davies, Chairman, Royal Bank of Scotland, believes it is vital that businesses are prepared to be agile and flexible in order to effectively respond to shifting political and economic unrealities.

Growth Opportunity in Egypt

Ahmed Badreldin, Partner at The Abraaj Group, discusses our approach to investing, the growth opportunities in Egypt, and why the outlook is optimistic.

Impact Investing

Sev Vettivetpillai, Managing Partner and Global Head of Impact Investing at The Abraaj Group, on why Impact Investing is a win-win strategy.

The End of Business as Usual

At Abraaj Week 2017, Keith Tuffley, Managing Partner and CEO of The B Team, shares his perspective on the role of the private sector in fostering clean energy and creating a more equitable world.

Seepage/ritual – An interview with Abraaj Group Art Prize Curator Omar Berrada

Curator Omar Berrada talks about his journey and the unique process of working with the artists to develop their concept, publication and final artwork for the 2017 exhibition.

Timelapse … The Making of No.695, Abraaj by Rana Begum

Chronicling six days of installation, this video allows the viewer to understand the level of planning and intricacy behind Rana Begum’s No. 695, Abraaj.

No. 695 Abraaj: An interview with 2017 winning artist Rana Begum

Rana Begum was interviewed in her studio in Haringey, London, as she was finishing the new artwork for the Abraaj Group Art Prize unveiled on 14 March 2017, at Art Dubai.

Reimagining Retail in India

At Abraaj Week 2017, BigBasket CEO Hari Menon shares his perspective on the opportunity that e-grocery retailing presents in India and describes the company’s inclusive business model, in partnership with Indian farmers.

Building Healthcare Ecosystems

At Abraaj Week 2017, Rachel Nugent, Vice President at RTI International, tells Abraaj Managing Director Khawar Mann that the private sector is crucial in the fight against non-communicable diseases.

Private Sector and the SDGs

Amy Jadesimi, Managing Director of LADOL and Commissioner at the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, tells us at Abraaj Week 2017 that there is huge potential to create value through the SDGs.

Fostering Partnership, Driving Growth

From Turkey to Peru to Ghana, this is the story of how Abraaj and its partner companies work together to grow, achieve scale and become global champions.

Consumers and the Future of Sustainability

Tania Choufani, Director at The Abraaj Group, looks at the changing nature of consumers and why leading sustainable change should be at the core of business strategies.

Partnering for Growth: Capa de Ozono

Stefan Hromatka, CFO and Deputy CEO at Capa de Ozono, talks to Abraaj about the consumer opportunity in Mexico and the power of partnership.

Bloomberg Quint Interviews Mustafa Abdel-Wadood

In an interview with Bloomberg Quint’s Managing Editor Menaka Doshi, Abraaj Managing Partner Mustafa Abdel-Wadood shares his insights on the investment climate for 2017 and the growth outlook for India.

CNBC Africa Interviews Sev Vettivetpillai

It’s a buying time, says Abraaj’s Sev Vettivetpillai to CNBC Africa on the investment outlook in Africa as he outlines opportunities, challenges and economic policies.

Better Business, Better World: A Call to Action

In this interview with the Business and Sustainable Development Commission, Arif Naqvi, Founder and CEO of The Abraaj Group, encourages the global asset management industry to embrace the concept of partnership capital.

Building an ESG Champion in Colombia

From generating over 5,400 direct jobs and reducing carbon footprint through a comprehensive waste management system, to creating better value and quality staple products through the hard discount model, this is the story of Koba.

Meet Ermina Takenova, Kazakhstan animator and Abraaj RCA scholar

Since 2014, Abraaj has supported talented young innovators in growth markets. This is animator Ermina Takenova’s story, Abraaj RCA Scholar 2014 –2016, our first scholar from Kazakhstan.

The funding funnel – From bottom up to integrated providers

Abraaj Managing Director Khawar Mann discusses how new investment models can improve reach and access to health for low and middle income communities across Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Powering India: An interview with Sev Vettivetpillai on CNBC TV-18

Abraaj Managing Partner Sev Vettivetpillai on the solar sector opportunity, Abraaj’s partnership with Aditya Birla Group and future investment plans for India.

In the Spotlight: AGAP 11 Winner Nadia Kaabi Linke

In this interview, Nadia and Sara Raza, Guggenheim UBS MAP Curator for MENA, explain the fantasy of the Flying Carpet as a symbolic element of migration, bridging spaces and time.

Milken Institute: Global Capital Markets and the Search for Value

Whipsawing global capital markets have kept investors guessing throughout 2016. The severe fluctuations raise the question, how do investors make sense of — and find value in — a volatile environment?

IFC-EMPEA Global PE Conference 2016: Navigating Global Growth Markets

Abraaj Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi presented the keynote address on the opportunities and challenges in growth markets investing at the 18th IFC-EMPEA Annual Global Private Equity Conference.

Business For Peace Summit 2016: An interview with Arif Naqvi

Abraaj Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi speaks on the role of the Business for Peace Foundation in accelerating the Sustainable Development Goals

In the Spotlight: Abraaj RCA Scholar Sheroy Katila

In this interview, Sheroy Katila (scholar 2014-2016, Innovation Design Engineering) talks about his experience and the scholarship, working with a unique community of creative leaders, and on giving back through innovation design.

Setting the Global Scene

Founder and Group Chief Executive, Arif Naqvi, introduces Abraaj Week 2016, outlining both the opportunities and the challenges that lie ahead in a world that is changing at an exponential rate.

Acurio Restaurantes: A Partnership Model

How can businesses stay local whilst maintaining best in class governance? Irzio Pinasco of Acurio Restaurantes tells us how an inclusive business approach benefits all.

In Conversation: Growth Markets Private Equity

Josh Lerner, Chair of the Entrepreneurial Unit at Harvard Business School discusses some of the key opportunities and challenges in Growth Markets.

Private Equity Trends

What role does private equity play in the growth of developing markets? And how does Abraaj leverage investment in these economies? Professor Josh Lerner and Tom Speechley discuss.

Growth Markets Outlook

Professor Ricardo Hausmann, Director of the Centre for International Development, Harvard University, discusses technology, innovation and diversification at Abraaj Week 2016.

Power and Statecraft in the Digital Century

Former UK Ambassador Tom Fletcher looks at how globalization and technology will transform the way in which people and states interact.

What makes or breaks a creative entrepreneur?

In this panel session, hear from homegrown entrepreneurs taking unconventional paths to grow viable businesses.

In Conversation: Healthcare Innovation

Majid Kaddoumi, Vice President and Managing Director, MEACAT, Medtronic discusses healthcare delivery solutions with Khawar Mann, Abraaj Managing Director.

Pacific Alliance and Regional Integration

Here former Minister of Finance and Vice President, Chile, Felipe Larrain, gives his outlook for Latin America, and discusses the positive role of the Pacific Alliance.

Diplomacy 2020: How Digital Technology Shapes our World

Diplomacy must keep transforming itself if it is to survive the Digital Age. Former UK Ambassador, Tom Fletcher, discusses in this video.

The Power of Partnership

What changes is the digital revolution bringing to Latin America? We hear from Andres Borrero, CEO of Urbano Express and an Abraaj partner.

Looking Beyond the Headlines

Negative headlines on the impact of China’s slowdown, low oil prices and slow growth rates are not justified, says Marios Maratheftis, Chief Economist, Standard Chartered.

Technology and Entrepreneurship in MENA

Consumers today are looking for convenience and efficiency from products and services, says Mudassir Sheikha, Co-Founder of Careem.

Achieving Inclusive Growth

Jennifer Blanke, Chief Economist, World Economic Forum, tells us why she is optimistic about corporate and government activity around the world that is aimed at fostering inclusive growth.

The Geopolitical and Market Outlook

What is the impact of geopolitical and broader economic factors on investment in growth markets? Vali Nasr, Dean, SAIS and Pradeep Ramamurthy, The Abraaj Group, discuss.

In Conversation: Leveraging Healthcare Best Practice

Khawar Mann talks with Sir David Nicholson on how increased healthcare performance can be compatible with financial efficiencies.

The Market Outlook for Latin America

Trans Pacific partnerships are opening up in the region and delivering new and varied opportunities, as Abraaj Partner Miguel Olea explains.

Fostering Artists in MENASA: The Abraaj Group Art Prize

The Abraaj Group Art Prize Chair Dana Farouki, 2016 Prize curator Nav Haq and jury members Hans Ulrich Obrist and Omar Kholeif discuss the Prize.

In Conversation: Healthcare in Asia

Dr Gershu Paul of Siloam Hospitals Group talks with Khawar Mann on why success in healthcare in growth markets is based on the intersection of four sectors.

In conversation: Changing Healthcare Environment

As the disease burden shifts towards NCDs, how can we strengthen our global health systems? Julie Sunderland discusses with Khawar Mann.

Market Outlook: Sub Saharan Africa

Against a backdrop of currency issues and falling commodity prices, investor optimism in Sub-Saharan Africa remains high. Abraaj Partner Jacob Kholi shares insights.

Sustainability: A Value Driver in Growth Markets

Abraaj Board Member Jane Nelson explains why it is critical to ensure that ESG considerations are at the core of a business.

Building Long-Term Partnerships in Growth Markets

What is the outlook for markets in the coming year and in which regions do opportunities lie? Dimitris Tsitsiragos of IFC shares his perspectives.

Corporate Governance in the MENA Region

Badr Jafar, Board Member of The Abraaj Group, discusses ethical business and the need to instill a culture of best practice within leadership.

Prospects in Growth Markets

Ricardo Hausmann, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Vali Nasr, John Hopkins University, Felipe Larrain, Former Minister of Finance in Chile and Dimitris Tsitsiragos, IFC, discuss outlook.

Technology: Changing Business, Transforming Lives

Smart phone penetration in growth economies is set to increase at an exponential rate. Anshu Jain shares his views on the digital revolution.

Market Outlook: Turkey

Abraaj Partner Selcuk Yorgancioglu, outlines where important opportunities are opening up in Turkey’s consumer-driven market.

A New Investment Model for Growth Markets

Abraaj Board Member, Wendy Luhabe, outlines why partnership capital is an investment model that thrives in growth markets.

Energy prices, future outlook and impact on growth markets

Onursal Soyer, from Lambert Energy Advisory, Marios Maratheftis from Standard Chartered and John Chipman, from IISS, discuss the outlook for the energy sector in the year ahead.

Kudu and Abraaj: A Team Approach

Glen Helton, CEO of restaurant group, Kudu, discusses the company’s growth plans for the year ahead, the appeal of the consumer sector for private equity, and the benefits of sustained partnership.

WEF 2016 Press Conference: Health as a Global Challenge

The Global Challenge on Health provides expertise, networks, and unique opportunities for public and private sector collaboration towards delivering on the health needs for 9.7 billion people.

Investment Opportunities and Exit Strategies in Africa

A Super Return Africa interview series with Abraaj Partner and Chief Investment Officer for Sub-Saharan Africa Jacob Kholi on key trends, investment drivers and exit strategies in the continent.

Growing Businesses, Growing Markets

In Growing Businesses, Growing Markets, Abraaj Partners explain the Group’s value creation strategy and share insights on the drivers of economic activity in our markets.

Investment Trends in Growth Markets

An interview with Mustafa Abdel-Wadood at SuperReturn Emerging Markets Conference in Amsterdam 2015 on the investment trends in growth markets and growing LP appetite for co-investments.

The Abraaj Group Art Prize 2015: Faux Départ by Yto Barrada

The Abraaj Group Art Prize celebrates the potential of artists across MENASA and has been a cornerstone of Abraaj’s arts patronage program. Yto Barrada from Morocco is the Abraaj Group Art Prize 2015 winner.

Globalizing Talent: Abraaj RCA Innovation Scholarship

The launch event, held at the RCA in London, was attended by Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP, Abraaj Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi and Rector Dr Paul Thompson as well as leading figures from the art, design and philanthropic communities. Watch the video here.

Endeavor Gala: Honoree Arif Naqvi’s Remarks

2014 Gala Honoree Arif M. Naqvi of The Abraaj Group addresses the importance of supporting and inspiring entrepreneurs in growth markets worldwide. Watch his speech here.

Turkey: A Market in Transformation

Abraaj’s Regional Head of Turkey and Central Asia Selcuk Yorgancioglu and the Turkey team highlight the growth fundamentals in the region, the market opportunity, and Abraaj’s record of value creation.

Abraaj Annual Forum 2014 Highlights Film

Each year, the Abraaj Annual Forum brings together thought leaders and industry veterans from a range of disciplines and markets to discuss and debate the state of play on global and regional agendas. Watch the Abraaj Annual Forum 2014 highlights.

Why Cities are the Future of Global Growth

Every week, millions of people make the move from rural communities to urban centers—something global investor Arif Naqvi considers “the most important trend of our lifetime”.

Engaging the Global Shapers in Mexico City

Hosted by The Abraaj Group in Mexico City, the Global Shapers and Abraaj employees discuss community change and the role of entrepreneurship in driving growth.

Energy investment opportunities in growth markets

In this video, Abraaj Managing Partner Mustafa Abdel-Wadood highlights the energy infrastructure opportunity at the ‘Inspiring Ideas’ session of the Global Infrastructure Initiative in Rio de Janeiro.

Skoll World Forum 2014: Arif Naqvi and Richard Branson In Conversation with Mindy Lubber

Arif Naqvi and Richard Branson In Conversation with Mindy Lubber at the Skoll World Forum 2014 Opening Plenary

Latin America’s Growth Story: The Abraaj Perspective

Miguel Angel Olea, Partner and Regional Head of Latin America, and the Abraaj team speak on the investment opportunities and trends in the region.

The North African Opportunity

Abraaj Partner Ahmed Badreldin highlights the Firm’s investment strategy in North Africa, and the sectors which would provide the greatest investment opportunities.

Global Growth Markets: The Facts

10 things you need to know about global growth markets

Global Shapers and Abraaj: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Global Leaders

“Empowered People, Making a Difference”: Abraaj’s Arif Naqvi on the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, a global community of exceptional young leaders who are tackling some of the most pressing problems in their cities.

Sev Vettivetpillai and Mustafa Abdel-Wadood on Growth Markets Investing

Mustafa Abdel-Wadood and Sev Vettivetpillai discuss the changing economic and investment trends in growth markets.

The Mini Entrepreneur Meets Mr. Arif Naqvi and Mr. Fadi Ghandour

More than 1,200 entrepreneurs, innovators, business leaders, finance providers and creative professionals from across the MENASA region and beyond gathered in Dubai for a “Celebration of Entrepreneurship” on November 8-9, 2010.

Mustafa Abdel Wadood: How Do We Select and Motivate Our People?

Abraaj Managing Partner Mustafa Abdel-Wadood on the Abraaj culture, talent and values at the firm.