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White Paper Series on Global Growth Markets Private Equity by Josh Lerner, Harvard Business School, and supported by The Abraaj Group

In this five-part white paper series, Josh Lerner, Chair of the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School, and Bella Research Group, examine private equity data and trends across global growth markets and share insights for a successful growth markets investment strategy.

Drawing on academic literature and empirical research, the white papers present key findings that cut across material aspects of private equity investing, including majority versus minority ownership, favorable exit environments, and public and private market conditions in growth markets and developed economies.

Evolution of Key Global Growth Markets (GGMs)

The first of the series examines the pace and progress of economic development in GGMs.

Public and Private Markets in Global Growth Markets (GGMs)

The second of the series highlights differences between public and private equity markets in GGMs and developed countries.

Majority and Minority Ownership in Global Growth Markets (GGMs)

The third of the series reviews the investment performance of minority and majority investments in GGMs.

Private Equity Exits in Global Growth Markets (GGMs)

The fourth of the series provides a detailed evaluation of global private equity exits between GGMs and developed markets.

Successful Private Equity Investing in Global Growth Markets (GGMs)

The fifth of the series discusses practical strategies for private equity investment success in GGMs.

A New Perspective on Growth Markets Private Equity: Presentation by Josh Lerner

In a presentation and Q&A session held in New York, Josh Lerner shares key findings and insights on growth markets private equity.

Myth-Busting Emerging Markets Private Equity: Interview with Josh Lerner on Privcap

Plentiful exits, value-protecting minority investments: Josh Lerner outlines surprising new findings on private equity in growth markets.