Our Approach

The Abraaj Group has accumulated more than two decades of investment experience in global growth markets across five regions. Our typical equity transactions range between US$ 20 million and US$ 100 million.

Over the past ten years we have made more than 170 investments, giving us significant breadth and reach. We have applied the learnings from these investments to identify and follow global best practices and to hone our portfolio management and investment skills.

Our private equity investment strategy is to acquire controlling or significant interests with board representation in stable, mature, well-managed businesses. We create value in these businesses through operational improvements, management incentives, optimization of capital structure and the use of leverage. Where appropriate, we focus on a ‘buy and build’ strategy and believe in investing in businesses that will maximize shareholder value through strong operational growth and substantial capital appreciation. Our ultimate objective is to realize value through structured exits to strategic and trade buyers or onto public markets in the region and beyond, within a three to five-year investment horizon.

Our People

Our investment professionals take primary responsibility for execution. Stable investment teams on the ground have strong local knowledge, boosted by support from central management and regional hubs. As such, we have an unrivaled global platform with a unique skill to scale up businesses along a South-South corridor, supported by our Value Creation Plans, standards and growth tools for each of our partner companies across the investment lifecycle. 

The skills and knowledge of our professionals are further complemented by specialist external advisors and consultants, who are retained to assist in the evaluation and execution processes. Our focus on quality permeates every aspect of our business, especially our investment approach. In developing a deep network of contacts and business relationships, we seek to identify high-quality investment opportunities on a proprietary basis. We then work to identify, assess and mitigate the risks. 

Our Partner Companies

We seek firms with sustainable competitive advantage and strong brands with potential for consolidation. Through our active ownership model, we aim to influence the strategic direction of partner companies to help them achieve their potential, nurturing company earnings growth as the main driver of returns. Our philosophy in each of our target markets is simple: to scale up businesses through our global reach, adding value at all stages from screening and due diligence to post investment and exit planning, and effective risk mitigation.

The Group creates sustainable value in sectors including consumer, energy, financials, healthcare and utilities.

The Group’s current partner companies include industry leaders such as Acurio, a leading Peruvian restaurant group; Hepsiburada, the largest e-commerce player in Turkey; KPN Academy, a Thailand based multi-educational group focused primarily on the K-12 segment; Libstar, one of the largest unlisted food and personal care manufacturers in South Africa and North Africa Hospital Holdings Group, a healthcare roll up platform, built by acquiring standalone hospitals in the region.

Featured Partner Companies