Our approach to sustainability has always been governed by a simple principle: we believe that the integration of environmental, social, and governance considerations into our investment management process is the right and obvious thing to do.

Building for the Long-Term

Based on years of experience across our 140 investments, we recognize that effectively addressing issues of sustainability will both protect value and enhance long-term returns for our shareholders and stakeholders.

Against this backdrop, we are of the view that unlocking the value of businesses in growth markets will play a central role in promoting development across the entrepreneurial ecosystem. For more than a decade now, the Group has made this belief one of the cornerstones of its investment strategy. As private equity investors making growth capital investments in mid-size businesses, we are ideally placed to drive the integration of sustainability into our partner companies. We invest in well-managed businesses where we have the clear ability and mandate to drive the growth agenda.

We believe that the private equity model, which is focused on preserving and building value, is therefore well aligned with the integration of sustainable practices into partner companies. As such, we view sustainability as one of the key levers of value creation because it communicates to our investors, partner companies, employees, management, and stakeholder community that we are as committed to achieving a strong impact as we are to delivering high economic returns.

View our 2014/15 Sustainability Report here