Stakeholder and Strategic Partnerships

We strongly believe in private equity’s potential to be a driving force for development and growth. In an effort to create sustainable impact in growth markets, we provide financial and human resources in three key areas: art and innovation, entrepreneurship, and the next generation.

Since inception, we have seen our role as going beyond that of a leading private equity firm providing its investors and shareholders with risk-adjusted returns well above industry benchmarks. We worked towards pioneering a model where the ability to create deep-rooted and sustainable changes in the economic landscape within our markets was as critical a benchmark of success as pure financial returns.

A Long-Term Approach to Building Sustainable Communities

While many companies worldwide have structured their giving through a corporate foundation, we deliberately chose to institutionalize ours through a stakeholder model which is central to our business. The 5+5+5 is a unique program that drives collective action towards transforming our markets and unleashing their potential.


Through the 5+5+5 model, we contribute 5% of the Firm’s gross management fees, 5% of employee bonuses (on a voluntary basis) and a minimum of 5 days of volunteer work a year per employee towards stakeholder engagement. Since its establishment, our 5+5+5 program has been a cornerstone of the Firm’s philosophy, while its impact has been extensive globally.

Through this multi-stakeholder approach, we consolidated our social investment portfolio to resemble a private equity approach; long-term partnerships were established shifting us towards patient and strategic investments that are aligned with our core business and are geared towards creating sustainable shared value.

This led us to focus on three core areas: Building entrepreneurship ecosystems, celebrating art and innovation and empowering future generations across our global network.