A Driver of Value/Sustainability Report 2014/15

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We believe that integrating sustainability into business practices isn’t just important for ethical reasons. It is also essential to driving long-term growth and prosperity for our communities, shareholders, and stakeholders.

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Arif Naqvi's message here.

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About The Abraaj Group

Learn more about The Abraaj Group and read sustainability highlights from our partner companies.

The Role of Business in Society

Our experts explain why sustainability principles must be put into practice.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Incorporating sustainability into business protects value and enhances long-term returns.

Integrating ESG into Our Investments

From identification through to exit, ESG is an integral part of our investment process.

Sustainability In Practice

Our partner companies show the impact strong sustainability principles can have on the business and community.

The Power of Partnership

Combining local knowledge with global best practices creates shared value.

Abraaj Sustainability Index 2.0

The need to have greater reporting standards is stronger than ever for LPs and GPs.

Investing for Impact in Healthcare

Why sustainability principles are fundamental to our healthcare strategy.

Responsible Investing in Growth Markets

Tom Speechley explains why sustainability in growth markets is common sense.