Sustainability Report 2015/2016

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Sustainability is a business driver in global growth markets. Abraaj's commitment to this is as unwavering as the day the Group was founded. From oncology and diagnostic services in Morocco to integrated door-to-door logistics operator in Thailand, we grow businesses beyond commercial successes to become sustainability leaders.

Partnership Capital: A Model for Growth Markets

Partnership capital approach explained by Abraaj's experts Wahid Hamid and Jane Nelson

ESG in Growth Markets: The Abraaj Approach

How we incorporate ESG business principles into our business model

Building Strong Businesses: An Interview with Tania Choufani

How we embed ESG practices for sustained growth

Building Alliances to Deliver Global Goals

Affecting long-term economic and social development as agents of change

Emerging Consumers, Emerging Cities

In conversation with Sev Vettivetpillai on the private sector's role in addressing urban gaps

Strong Returns, High Impact: The Healthcare Paradigm

Delivering accessible, affordable and quality care is the centerpiece of our healthcare strategy.

Accessible Energy, Sustainable Power

Our energy infrastructure strategy is premised on establishing a clean-energy platform. more