The Abraaj Group is a leading investor in global growth markets. We play a role as effective agents of economic and social change in the markets and communities in which we invest.

Most Abraaj professionals are home-grown talent – born and raised in their operating markets, providing local intelligence through their networks and knowledge. Approximately 90% of the regional investment and operating professionals are local to their markets. This deep knowledge, coupled with extensive operating capabilities, has a direct impact on the businesses we invest in.

We are a dynamic firm with local roots, operating in some of the fastest growing markets globally. Our people are integral to our group philosophy, driving our values and principles of an inclusive, collaborative, entrepreneurial culture. We are proud of our rich cultural diversity across our 350+ professionals with employees of different race, culture, religion, age, and lifestyle across broad geographies.

We are dedicated to fostering an environment where people share their unique experiences, perspectives and ideas. We recognise the important role that our employees play at home as well as at work and have developed a family-friendly framework to support employees to balance both responsibilities.

As a firm, we draw strength from a globally collaborative culture, operating as “One Firm, One Culture”, and sharing knowledge and capabilities across a global platform. Investing in our employees is fundamental to our journey and is integral to the DNA of our firm.  We strive to empower our people professionally and pride ourselves on the high performance culture within the organization.

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Meet Our People

Halil Kitapci, Director 


Why did you join Abraaj? 

I joined the Firm a little over 6 years ago. At that time I had two main goals in life; working in developing markets given the enormous and untapped potential I felt they had and being part of system in which I could operate on a local level but also had access to a global network with deep knowhow. After an extended interview process in which I met numerous people from all levels, I wholeheartedly knew that, for me, Abraaj was the right place to be.

Could you describe your role at Abraaj?

I am a Director in the Istanbul office focusing on Abraaj’s investments in Turkey and Central Asia. My role involves sourcing new opportunities, leading due diligence efforts for potential deals, exiting from existing investments and developing value creation opportunities for our partner companies.

What has been your most challenging experience at the firm?

My most challenging experience at Abraaj was working on one of our exits and the complicated structure of the transaction that involved a sum-of-the-parts exit. For myself, it was a very rewarding experience as I got to work with our colleagues in the Singapore office as one team and, as a result, experienced the true potential of our global network.


Temi Marcella Olatunde, Associate Director


Why did you join Abraaj?

I joined Abraaj in 2013 because I was compelled by the vision of the Firm. I was familiar with Abraaj and its pioneering role in private equity investment across growth markets. After meeting with senior management, I was inspired by the collective vision and motivated by a desire to contribute to the next phase of the Firm’s development. I was energized by the opportunity to work in a collaborative environment with a diverse group of colleagues from over 25 countries globally, all passionate about giving back to their own communities.

Could you describe your role at Abraaj?

I am an investment professional within the Firm and have been focused on the Group’s investments in West Africa in sectors such as healthcare, industrials, oil and gas, and financial services. I am currently focused on implementing the Firm’s healthcare strategy in West Africa, with responsibility for originating, executing and monitoring investments in the sector, in order to achieve the Firm’s objectives of building healthcare ecosystems that deliver quality and affordable care to the low and middle income segments in our target markets.

How would you describe the DNA of the firm?

At the heart of Abraaj’s DNA is a culture of entrepreneurship. The Firm is consistently challenging traditional thinking and developing new models and approaches to investing in growth markets. We are consistently encouraged to innovate in order to remain ahead of the curve, striving continuously to provide differentiated and integrated solutions to stakeholders in our communities. This makes the Firm an exciting place to work where individuals are able to carve out their own paths and put their ideas into action to drive real change.

Life beyond Abraaj

No matter how long you were with The Abraaj Group, we want to stay in touch as you move on to your next challenge. This is why we created the Abraaj Alumni Network.  Our alumni are a valued and important part of our story and the Firm’s success.

Our goal for the Alumni network is to grow our global engagement by building upon existing relationships as well as creating new ones. Today’s world offers tremendous opportunities for cross-industry and cross-regional collaboration often catalyzed through professional alumni networks.

You can access the Alumni Network here.