Joseph Martin Gabriel, Ceramics & Glass, Abraaj RCA Innovation Scholar 2017 – 2019

‘The opportunity of studying Ceramics & Glass at the RCA means learning from the best of the best in the field and being exposed to a whole host of innovative practices alongside its partner industries.’

Joseph is a visual artist who works primarily with sculpture and installation. He grew up in the province of Bulacan, where there is an abundance of clay and a thriving industry in ceramics. He chose to study Ceramics & Glass at the RCA in order to complement his Fine Art training and hopes the programme will enable him to bridge the gap between his individual artistic practice and different sectors of the community, industry, economy and culture.

Joseph’s long-term goal is to establish a studio in his hometown to open up possibilities to artists and communities. He would like to use his core competencies as an artist and a creative leader to bring out positive change within his community.

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