We deploy private capital to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Our investments span across growth markets and have impacted hundreds of thousands of businesses, communities and individuals in the markets in which we operate. 

The international community established the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015. The seventeen goals which comprise the SDGs require the private-sector to play a more active role in reducing inequality, improving health care, addressing climate change, and supporting women’s empowerment and access to education. The effort required is massive. At the same time, the Global Goals provide a unique opportunity. By one estimate, pursuit of the SDGs opens up at least US$ 12 trillion of market opportunities and could create 380 million new jobs.

For us, investing with impact is core to the markets in which we operate. These are markets that are urbanizing and have a young workforce. In many cases, the services required to keep up with the rapid changes shaping these markets are falling behind, from providing adequate infrastructure to delivering quality healthcare, energy, clean water, and housing.


Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Abraaj’s Impact Investing business uses the SDGs as a North Star. It is critical that our investments positively address and deliver on a range of social and environmental goals including better education, health, infrastructure, clean energy and job creation.

Our strategy is built around three key objectives:

  • Market-based Returns: Create long-term sustainable solutions with private equity discipline
  • Scale: Ensure our investments create platforms that can cross borders and deliver outsized impact
  • Measure impact: Develop benchmarks that quantitatively measure impact and contribution to the SDGs

In our impact investing vertical, we build sustainable platforms that allow us to reach for the SDGs. It requires a long-term view and is a collective responsibility. That’s why we partner with multinationals, government and NGOs to build our platforms, from healthcare to clean energy.

Op-ed By Arif Naqvi In Reuters: Forging Partnerships, Creating Impact – A New Model For Business

Op-ed by Arif Naqvi in Reuters: Forging Partnerships, Creating Impact – A New Model for Business

Abraaj Founder and Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi explains how the UN Sustainable Development Goals offer a pragmatic roadmap for effective business investment.
The Abraaj Group Appoints Kito De Boer As Managing Partner

The Abraaj Group Appoints Kito de Boer as Managing Partner

Kito de Boer will oversee Abraaj’s Impact Investing business and will spearhead the Group’s global efforts to deploy private capital as a means of tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges.
Capitalizing On The Sustainable Development Goals: A New Opportunity For Investors

Capitalizing on the Sustainable Development Goals: A New Opportunity for Investors

Matthew McGuire, Managing Director at Abraaj shares his views on how the United Nations-SDGs serve as a guidebook for quality investments while addressing the world’s most pressing problems.
From Poverty To A Thriving Global Middle Class: A Conversation With Arif Naqvi

From Poverty to a Thriving Global Middle Class: A Conversation with Arif Naqvi

At The Economist Impact Investing Conference, Abraaj Founder Arif Naqvi discussed sustainable, socially-impactful growth, as well as some bold new investment strategies focused on improving the quality of life in big cities.