We believe in the power of private capital to bring solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges. Delivering accessible, affordable and quality care is the centerpiece of our healthcare strategy.

Our aim is to transform healthcare delivery systems for low and middle income segments of the population in 10 of the largest cities in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia.

Historic underinvestment, complemented by a rising middle class and urbanization results in more sedentary lifestyles and dietary changes causing an increase in the prevalence of non-communicable diseases adding to an existing burden of communicable disease. Existing healthcare ecosystems are ill-equipped to deal with this rising epidemic, driving the need for infrastructure and innovation to build sustainable health systems — made up of high-quality, affordable hospitals, clinics, community outreach and diagnostic labs.

3x Growth
By 2022, healthcare expenditure in growth markets will be growing over 10% annually, c. three times faster vs developed markets
Our Strategy

Our Strategy

Our aim is to ensure that our healthcare investments and their facilities deliver high standards of clinical safety, improved clinical effectiveness, positive patient experiences and outcomes.  We believe that the delivery of high-quality care at an affordable price and in a sustainable manner will have systemic benefits in terms of ensuring a healthier population, higher productivity and greater cost-effectiveness.

Our investment approach focuses on:

  • Acquiring and building hospitals and clinical facilities to create an integrated set of providers, with task shifting of skills, to allow the investments to reach as many people as possible.
  • Ensuring a cohesive and integrated diagnostics platform such as labs and radiology to support our healthcare facilities as well as to create a platform that can lead to preventative care.

Our approach to impact focuses on partnerships with NGOs, big pharma and governments, scaling training and education facilities, upskilling of local facilities to create necessary specialities, establishing clinical corridors across geographies, as well as rolling out community outreach programs to increase prevention awareness and lower the incidence of costly acute illness healthcare needs. We also appropriately use low cost technology as an enabler to bring quality clinical outcomes to scale.

We genuinely believe that by partnering with key stakeholders and by staying true to our mandate, we can improve healthcare access for the populations we serve. To further this goal, we established a Healthcare Impact Committee headed by Sir David Nicholson, former head of the National Health Service in England, to monitor and measure what we do, specifically around quality, access and affordability.

To support quality, clinical governance and learning centrally, an Abraaj Chief Medical Officer Council consisting of all the Medical Directors from our healthcare networks has been established. The Council explores the development of key clinical practice, ethical and governance themes and the establishment of tools to ensure a consistent quality approach is cascaded to the providers of clinical care.

We have also established an Operating Council that includes our Partner Company CEOs and other healthcare leaders in ensuring we take and share best practices from healthcare operators around the world.

Abraaj has deployed over US$1.2 billion globally across the healthcare spectrum in growth markets.

The Abraaj Group And The IFRC Sign MoU To Strengthen Community Healthcare Services

The Abraaj Group and the IFRC Sign MoU to Strengthen Community Healthcare Services

Abraaj and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies partner to promote education and early intervention for non-communicable diseases (NCDs).
Case Study: Health And Well-being For All

Case Study: Health and Well-being For All

For every 10,000 people in the world, there’s an average of 15 doctors. In Ethiopia, the figure is 0.2. Frederic Sicre, Managing Director at Abraaj, shares how - and why - we aim to impact 10 million lives through our healthcare fund.
The Abraaj Group Partners With Leading Islamabad-based Diagnostics Business IDC

The Abraaj Group partners with leading Islamabad-based diagnostics business IDC

The Abraaj Group has partnered with Islamabad Diagnostics Centre, a leading diagnostics chain in Pakistan. IDC operates 20 centers across Pakistan, with the aim of adding up to 30 more in the future.
WEF Davos 2018: A New Era For Global Health

WEF Davos 2018: A New Era for Global Health

How are new leadership, policy and business models rewriting the global health playbook? Abraaj Founder and Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi discusses at the World Economic Forum Davos 2018.