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Better Business, Better World MENA

The ‘Better Business, Better World MENA’ report by BSDC, where Abraaj Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi is a Founding Commissioner, highlights the economic value of US$ 637 billion that could be unlocked in MENA through investing in the SDGs.

The Abraaj Group’s UNGC Communication On Progress (COP) Report

View The Abraaj Group’s Communication on Progress report, developed for the UNGC, which demonstrates how integrating ESG is very much a “trade-on” for businesses and society at large.

Scaling Impact Investing: The Opportunity for Social and Financial Returns

At Abraaj, we deploy private capital to tackle some of the world’s most pressing challenges. This report highlights perspectives from Abraaj colleagues on Partnership Capital, and explores how we invest for impact across growth markets.

Better Business, Better World: A Call to Action

The ‘Better Business, Better World’ report by BSDC, where Abraaj Group Chief Executive Arif Naqvi is a Founding Commissioner, shows how pursuing the Global Goals could create massive new market opportunities, in ways that extend prosperity to all.

The Abraaj Group Sustainability Report 2015-16

From oncology and diagnostic services in Morocco to integrated door-to-door logistics operator in Thailand, we grow businesses beyond commercial successes to become sustainability leaders. Read the Abraaj Sustainability Report 2015/16 here.

EMPEA Special Report on Private Equity in Mexico

This report provides an in depth review of developments in Mexico’s private equity eco-system, and features insights from Abraaj and a spotlight case study on Liquid Capital, a partner company of the Group.

EMPEA Report on Currency Risk Management

EMPEA’s Currency Risk Management Survey is the first pan-emerging markets exploration of the impact of currency volatility on the private equity industry.

LSE: Abraaj Private Equity Research Programme

The Abraaj Group has helped the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) to establish private equity as a full academic discipline within the Department of Finance. Read about our support here.

Abraaj Sustainability Report 2014-15

We believe that integrating sustainability into business practices isn’t just important for ethical reasons. It is also essential to driving long-term growth and prosperity for our communities, shareholders, and stakeholders. Read our 2014/2015 Sustainability Report here.

The Abraaj Group Annual Review 2014/2015

Our 2014/2015 Annual Review explains how, from healthcare to real estate to energy infrastructure, from Egypt to Singapore – we are setting the standard for private equity investing in growth markets.

Euromoney Report on Sub-Saharan Africa

This report features Jacob Kholi, Partner at Abraaj, on Africa’s growth story, the importance of being local and the rise of fast growing cities that can provide compelling opportunities for smart investors.

Insights from Abraaj Global Growth Markets Forum 2015

As part of our longstanding commitment to stakeholder engagement, Abraaj hosted a Forum on Global Growth Markets – on May 27 in New York City and May 28 in Chicago. This report distills five over-arching themes – or insights – on growth markets.

Abraaj Strategic Stakeholder Engagement Track (ASSET)

The ASSET brochure shares Abraaj’s 12-year journey of stakeholder engagement and impactful initiatives. Through the Firm’s 5+5+5 program, a global stakeholder engagement model, we aim to have deep-rooted and sustainable impact on our social and economic landscape.

The Abraaj Group Annual Review 2013-14

This brochure explores who we are and how we work: our global footprint, regional investment approach and sector expertise, and how we build sustainable businesses.

Business for Peace Roundtable: Creating shared value

This document highlights key insights from the Business for Peace Roundtable discussions on shared value in Oslo on May 15, 2014. 100 top leaders representing the ownership in companies with more than 2 million jobs participated in the roundtable discussions.

ESG in Private Equity: A Fast Evolving Standard

This INSEAD report features the Abraaj Sustainability Index and highlights how our partner company in Ghana, Regimanuel Gray embeds sustainability in their business model.

Growth and Prosperity: Abraaj’s Latin America Private Sector Impact Report

In our view, this is probably the most exciting moment for Latin America in the past 50 years, particularly Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile, which together add up to the eighth-largest economy in the world. Read our Latin America Impact Report here.

Resilience Amid Change – Abraaj’s North Africa Private Sector Impact Report

Read our North Africa private sector impact report, which explores engagement, opportunities and investment across the region.

Engagement in Africa: Optimism, impact and performance

Engagement in Africa highlights the continued importance of sustainability-focused private equity in Africa. Read our views here.

ARENA: Capacity, Connectivity, Collaboration.

This report highlights key findings on partner companies’ developmental needs and proposes sustainable solutions to unleash the power of the network.

The Abraaj Group Annual Review 2012-13

Finding, growing, and monetizing investments is what we do, but how we do this matters – to us and to our investors. This report highlights who we are and what makes us unique.

The Abraaj Group Sustainability Report 2013

The Abraaj Group lays out its approach to being a responsible business, including in relation to its partner companies and the stakeholders in the communities where it operates. This report highlights how we build sustainable businesses and sustainable communities.

Pioneering Social Investments: The Abraaj Story

In The Abraaj Group’s Accountability Report 2005-2010, learn more about our social investing and community engagement initiatives. This is the way in which the Group can evolve new ways of thinking and new business models for more inclusive growth.

Celebration of Entrepreneurship (CoE) Consensus

“The region needs more entrepreneurs” was a sentence repeated throughout the CoE. Read insights from the story of the Celebration of Entrepreneurship, a ‘non-conference’ that celebrates entrepreneurs in the MENASA region.

Abraaj Capital Approach to the Stakeholder Society

Fundamentally we believe that private equity can be a force for development and growth. In this report, we introduce our strategic approach to stakeholders, and how the Group is reinventing the shape of the private equity model.