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Timelapse … The Making of No.695, Abraaj by Rana Begum

For the first time a time-lapse film chronicling the final stages of production of the winning Abraaj Group Art Prize artwork has been produced. Each year the winning commission pushes boundaries of what is possible and 2017 is no different. The film includes behind-the-scenes footage, giving an opportunity to experience first-hand the tension and excitement that can ensue when installing a new artwork for the first time, especially on such a large scale and in such a special location.

Rana Begum’s No.695, Abraaj 2016-17 is comprised of different materials such as coloured glass, di-bond, steel and aluminium. Measuring 9 x 10.4 m and 1.2 m high. It took six days to install in the Madinat Jumeirah. This video allows the viewer to understand the level of planning and intricacy behind the construction of this year’s installation while also revealing the sheer scale of what the Abraaj prize enables artists to achieve.

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